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Foundation Inspections

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According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, many areas of Georgia have clay soils that can be easily affected by moisture content. Any changes can cause the soil to either shrink or swell, causing movements in the foundation. Apart from the natural factors, the design, landscaping practices, deterioration of materials, and stability can greatly impact the strength of your home’s foundation.  

Common causes of foundation movement include poor grading, standing water, and active soils that have dried. A foundation problem is no simple problem. You need a professional report to give you real knowledge of how extensive your foundation damage is.

4 Common Signs You Need a Foundation Inspection

Be on the lookout for these common signs of foundation issues:

  • Bulging foundation walls – Bulging is an indication of an uneven load in the foundation.
  • Sloping floors – It can be difficult to notice but doing a quick ball test can give you a reasonable idea of how even your foundation is.
  • Sticking windows or doors – Your doors should open and close smoothly. If it sticks, most likely this common and very simple nuisance is a sign of a larger foundation problem.
  • Foundation cracks – When your walls, ceilings, or floors have cracks, odds are high that your foundation is moving.

What is involved in a Foundation Inspection?

As part of the inspection process, you will be interviewed to identify the timeline of observations. A floor elevation survey will then be conducted to check for correlations between floor elevations and the extent of the damage.  

Once the floor elevation survey is done, the inspector will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of the structure to look for cracks, damages, separations, leaning of walls, sticking of doors or windows, and any observable evidence of shifting or movement. Additional areas such as gutter, grading, and other surrounding features will also be examined.

The levels of cabinets, doors, trims, and walls will also be checked to see if they are leaning or uneven.

If your home is built with piers and beams, the inspector will have to check the crawl space under your home to see if they are not wet or rotted. A damp or musty crawl space is also an indication of plumbing issues that need immediate attention. After the inspection, our professional San Antonio inspector will explain the findings and make recommendations. You will then receive a digital report within 24 hours following the inspection.

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Oftentimes, minor issues such as sticky doors or small cracks on the wall get the least attention. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your home, do not hesitate to call Dream Home Inspections and schedule your Atlanta Foundation Inspections right away. We are always here to help make your house a safe and comfortable home. Call us today at (678) 505-1122 or click here to schedule online.


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