If you know you need the answers to any of these questions; this is where you need to be.

The inspection field is a growing field and you have a right to be a part of the industry.

Jacques and Reshema have been in the inspection business for over 15 years. We have made many mistakes that you will encounter, but here is the difference for you.

You don’t have to go about this alone.

This course was designed because we have seen too many inspection companies not reach full potential or maximum profit. We have identified the primary factor for the lack of success in these companies and with our training you will avoid the same errors. An amazing benefit of our program is that we are provide continued support, after the certification.

The Dream Home Inspections Mentorship program is designed to provide you with tips and services before and after certification. We will walk with you over an 8 WEEK period, providing you with the blueprint for success and financial gain!!

As a part of our Mentorship Program, you will be trained and certified to become a home inspector.

A successful home inspection business has working knowledge of the two components to success. The first component is the learning and certification process. The second component, which is often overlooked, is the business aspects. Not only will you get certified through this program, but we will also help you set up your business (in your city and state).

The Dream Home Inspection Mentorship program is divided into 8-weeks. Each week provides you with unique insight into the inspection industry and building a business. The courses offered are:

  1. How to Properly set up your Tax and Accounting systems.
  2. How to Market Your Business to get your phone ringing.
  3. How to Write Home Inspection Reports Successfully.
  4. The Legal Aspects of the Home Inspection Industry.
  5. Additional Inspection Services.
  6. Additional Career Opportunities for Inspectors.
  7. Unlimited Field Training and Review of Sample Reports.
  8. Access to our Community of Successful Home Inspectors.

With your decision to join the mentorship program you are now aligned with a community of like-minded individuals who want to see you win!! You now have people who support you and who have your back.

We discuss real situations and set realistic expectations. When you get out into the field and run into real issues, which you will, we are here to support you.

Now imagine you are the person that is making more than enough money you can keep your or leave your job.

The choice is yours. We know exactly what it takes and are committed to helping you get to that next level in your inspection business too.

Check out some of our success students that are doing great with their inspection business.

Can’t you see this being you? Great!

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