The overall objective/responsibility of the 203k HUD Consultant will be to insure HUD’s minimum property standards are met. Our job includes but is not limited to:

  • To work with you discussing your renovation needs
  • To prepare a Work Write-up and any required architectural and/other exhibits
  • To do Draw Inspections, Change Orders and Final Inspection
  • To be a liaison between you, the lender and your contractor
  • To insure that work is completed in a timely and professional manner
  • To watch over the monies spent on behalf of you and your lender
On Site Visit of Property
  • 203k HUD Consultant meets with the borrower at the property
  • Discuss the 35 Point HUD Safety and Soundness Requirements
Contractor Selection is handled by Borrower:
  • The Borrower selects a contractor. Borrowers should be aware that many lenders may have contractor qualification criteria. Some lenders maintain a list of contractors that have met their qualification criteria.  Discuss contractor selection with your lender to learn about their contractor requirements. If you’re considering a contractor which has not yet been approved by your lender or has never done an FHA 203k project, it is important that they are informed early on about the FHA 203k concept as it applies to contractors.

  • Generally speaking the general contractor is required to maintain $1 million in general liability insurance coverage, have 3 references within the last 12 months, show that they are in good standing with all of their creditors and be able to provide a detailed bid broken down into labor and materials.

HUD Consultant does the detailed Work Write Up that Includes:

  • Project specifications
  • Construction cost overview
  • Preparation of lender packages

Who needs the work write up:

  • Borrower
  • Lender
  • Contractor

Loan Closes

  • Repair funds are placed in escrow.
  • Remodeling begins with an anticipated completion date of 180 days from the start date but of course earlier completion is always appreciated.

    Consultant Performs Draw Request Inspections

    • 1st Draw – Consultant insures permits were issued.
    • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Draw – Draw request are performed as work progresses
    • Final Draw- All work has been completed by the contractor and all monies are paid to the contractor by the mortgage company. 


      Our company follows the 203k Fee schedule set by HUD
      The fee is based on the cost of the renovation:

      $5,000 to $7,500 $450
      $7,501 to $15,000 $550
      $15,001 to $30,000 $650
      $30,001 to $45,000 $750
      $45,001 to $60,000 $800
      $60,001 to $75,000 $850
      $75,001 to 100,00 $950
      $100,001 to 125,000 $1000

      *Renovation work that exceeds $100,000 , the fee will be $1,000.

      A Minimum Fee of $450 will be due at the time of the initial consultation. 

      Below, for your convenience, I have attached a list of individuals who excel in their areas of expertise.

      General Contractor 

      Jeff Camp
      678 785 1205

      Quincy Quarles
      404 509 9051

      Heating & Air
      Jason Jordan
      (770) 853-1369

      Mark Womack
      (678) 945-0030

      Pest Control/Termites
      Arrow Exterminator
      770 438-1880

      Septic Tanks
      Lee Hogan
      (678) 898-1698

      Structural Engineer
      Rick Miller
      678 485 8388

      Gail Mooney
      770 558 7895