Your Builder’s Warranty for your new home is about to expire. Just because your house is new doesn’t mean you don’t need a 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection by a Professional Atlanta, GA Home Inspector!

So, make sure to schedule an appointment with us while your builder is still responsible. Unfortunately, most builders don’t remind you before your warranty expires. Don’t make the mistake of not getting this inspection done. Call us today at (678) 505-1122 .

New construction homes typically come with a “1-Year Builder’s Warranty”. Some items listed under this warranty may or may not be visible to the inexperienced eye. Some of the more common things are revealed during this type of inspection and may include:

  • Improper drainage around the foundation
  • Improperly installed roof covering and flashing details
  • Water intrusion problems
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Improper wiring 

Many of these issues can be resolved if corrected promptly. However, if left unresolved and undetected, they may turn into expensive repairs for you, the homeowner.

Our highly trained and impartial inspectors help you uncover the items that need to be corrected and addressed. We act as your second set of eyes to notice things you may not have seen or overlooked in your daily routine. We then provide you with the documentation you may need to process your repair request.

Small, overlooked issues may lead to extensive and costly repairs. That being said, the home inspection team from Atlanta, GA guarantees that nobody gets stuck with unpleasant surprises. While issues might be concealed, our inspectors’ trained eyes can detect these issues before it’s too late. You deserve a safe and sound home, so call us today for your Atlanta, GA 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection!

Our goal is to assist in the prevention of costly repairs. We cover all major systems, including the testing of mechanical systems and components. Having your home inspected by licensed professionals will give you the confidence that you are safe in your own home. The written report will put the details of all visible defects that you can present to your builder so that they can get any issues corrected. Inspecting on your own won’t provide you with comprehensive information. This gives the builder a chance to argue that the damages stated therein are caused by something else. 

Nobody deserves to deal with the mistakes of others. So, think about this: Why spend thousands when somebody else is responsible for the repair?

Stop! Don’t let time run out! Your builder warranties the home for one year to cover defects in quality and materials. Present all issues before this warranty expires. Remember to always choose a professional home inspection team.

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